Three Science Fiction Inspired Tech Items We’ll Be Using Soon

When it comes to technology, we often think inspiration strikes gadget makers completely out of the blue, but in many instances, science fiction or stories have captured people’s imaginations and led them to try and create the gadgets and gizmos featured in their favourite shows. While we’re all still waiting for market-ready jetpacks and flying cars, the following sci-fi inspired gadgets are heading to market, and we can’t wait!

  • Virtual Touch Screen

While we have motion-detecting options around, from doors to water dispensers, the sight of a virtual touch screen (also known as an air touch display) which most mainstream sci-fi shows and movies use hasn’t made an official debut to the public just yet.

However, the practical models of air touch displays are being looked at by major corporations and companies – who are working to combine the current virtual reality trend with technology to display a virtual touch screen above devices.

The current model on the market is the AIR TOUCH® by Samsung, and it to date the only technology on the market able to deliver a true mid-air interaction. The AIRxTOUCH® KIOSK Series 2 is available for viewing only at their showroom in Paris, though we’re certain to have it roll out to other areas and countries soon, as well as have competition from other companies soon.

  • Holographic Technology

When you think of holograms, you likely have “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi”, jumping to mind, as a miniature holographic Leia Organa begs for help in Star Wars. While we’re not at market level yet for general use in the public, holograms are here and are being used in several key industries.

Companies Verizon and Korea telecom, popular American and a South Korean mobile phone operators respectively, used 5G technology to make a call with two holograms interacting on either continent, and fully able to convey the emotions and gestures of the users. Famous celebrities who have passed have even held holographic concerts such as Tupac appearing at Coachella and Buddy Holly appearing to sold-out crowds.

Current uses include famous French DJ Eric Prydz creating holograms at his DJ shows, while immersive art experiences are gaining popularity around the world and can be seen in the mixed reality techniques showcased in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Having holographic adverts appearing is the likely next step, and in another decade, who knows how holograms will be used to benefit humanity overall.

  • Exoskeletons In Varying Industries

While wearing an exoskeleton may seem very Tony Stark (Ironman) or even anime-orientated (such as Appleseed’s Armor), the fact is that nations around the world have seen the benefits of technology infused exoskeletons and there are buyable options available. From having a variety of benefits in military applications such as enhanced speed or physically lifting impossibly heavy things, to medical assistance for people who’ve been paralysed, there are vast far-reaching applications for exoskeletons being made even more mainstream.

While heavy exoskeletons may have their use in the construction field, some companies have experimented with soft exosuits and robotics, which has resulted in materials that fit to users much in the same way as a second-skin would.