Technology That Will Change the World

There are amazing technologies coming our way in the near future.  This technology will not only improve our lives, but also make our lives easier and simpler.

Drones in Space

Space travel is already part of our lives and will only become more prevalent in the future.  Designers have been challenged by NASA to create a drone that will be able to work in a space station that can navigate without an up or down.

This drone would make use of cameras and small beacons to help it move around.  The popularity of drones in such a small space may not be such a great idea though.

Super-Fast Commuting

The world’s population is growing at a rapid rate and this makes commuting a nightmare.  Imagine a train that can travel as fast as a jet airliner.  PayPal, Tesla and Elon Musk are trying to develop the Hyperloop system where trains would go as fast as 760 mph travelling along a tube and is pushed along by compressed air and induction motors.

The first is set to carry passengers between San Francisco and LA in only 35 minutes.  This trip would normally take around 7 hours by train.

Coffee Grounds Turned to Biofuels

All around the world tons of waste coffee grounds are disposed of in landfills.  It gives off methane, which is more powerful than carbon dioxide.  Not only does it damage the environment, but it is also an expensive way of disposing of them.

Used coffee grounds have valuable compounds that make them useful for producing clean fuels.  Bio-bean is the brainchild of Arthur Kay and his company is able to take 85% of coffee waste and use it for biofuels. This mans you can enjoy guilt free coffee while indulging in your favourite pastimes, like AFL Premiership betting or anything else really.

Extinguishing Fires with Sound

Forest fires can often be very damaging and water is a precious resource.  Research has been done into using loud noises at the trees.  The pressure waves of sound can be used to interrupt the air around the fire.

In this the fire does not get enough oxygen.  If the frequency of the sound is just right the fire will extinguish.  Researchers at George Mason University have created a sonic extinguisher.

No Drinking and Driving

Drivers who have had too much to drink cause a huge number of accidents.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US has created a device that is able to monitor alcohol levels.

It does this by either sniffing the breath of the driver or scanning the blood in the driver’s fingertips by means of the steering wheel.  If alcohol levels are over the legal limit the car will be immobilised.  Another bonus for driver’s using this device is that their insurance premiums may be lower.

Less Food Wastage

Food wastage is a big problem.  A new invention, Bump Mark, is a food label that begins smooth and as food decays, the bump gets bigger.

These smart labels, originally designed for the blind are more accurate than the printed sell-buy dates.