What’s Up With The Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 – which is the technology titan’s next flagship mobile – is official. There are three phones in all – in other words the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as the Galaxy S22 Plus – with key new features, an ultra-fast processor chip, and an even more powerful camera.

Samsung has, at any rate, made the job of choosing which of this trio of phones is for you very simple. If you miss the Note terribly, and you love the stylus, get the S22 Ultra. There’s nothing else like it in Samsung’s line-up or anywhere else on the market.

If you’re just somewhat curious about the stylus, or the 10x zoom, or you merely want a really nice big-screened mobile phone without a lot of bother, then you’re possibly better off with the S22 Plus. It’s not for everyone, however for a few, the S22 Ultra is a truly great device.

So what makes the Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22 so special?


The S22 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen has 3,088-by-1,440-pixel resolution. You are able to reduce this to 2 316 by 1 080 or even 1 544 by 720 in order to conserve battery. With a 1 200-nit maximum brightness rating and an algorithm that changes not only brightness but also screen contrast in sunlight, the panel is particularly suitable for outdoor use.


The cameras on the S22 Ultra. It includes the firm’s brand-new Adaptive Pixel Tech which allows the capture of 108MP (Re-mosaic mode) as well as12MP (Nona-binning mode) images at the same time in order to create a more comprehensive and brighter image.

The dual telephoto lenses (both 10MP and one with 3x optical zoom as well as one with 10x) also promise a sharper zoomed-in image. The sensor is now re-engineered for the best performance in low-lighting.

Now the massive 108MP sensor has pixels which are 1.23 times brighter as opposed to the S21 Ultra. This bigger, higher-resolution sensor, in conjunction with Samsung’s Multi-Frame Processing technology blends multi-exposure frames for seriously levelled-up night photography and processes four times more data to sharpen your images.

Samsung S22 Ultra Design And Hardware

Different although it may be, there’s still a lot of common ground between the Ultra as well as its S22 and S22 Plus siblings. All three models incorporate (in the US) Qualcomm’s latest, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in addition to IP68 weather sealing, and Gorilla Glass Victus Plus on the front of the phone and the back.

Both the Ultra and S22 Plus have OLED screens that have higher 1 750 nits peak brightness however all three have a top-class refresh rate of 120Hz. Only the Ultra utilises an LTPO display, which gives the screen the chance to alter its refresh rate more than the other mobile phone models, which in theory helps save battery life. It’s a huge, 6.8-inch 1440 x 3088 panel, so every bit of power saving can make a big difference.

S Pen

With the inclusion of the S Pen, latency is down making for a much smoother and more natural writing experience.