The Top Custom ROMs For Android Right Now

Android has become the world’s most popular mobile operating system, with billions of users spanning billions of devices. Since its inception, Android has seen incredible improvements, and thanks to backing by one of the biggest tech companies in the world – Google – every new version of Android sees new updates and features that makes it stand apart.

Due to the fact that Android is an open source operating system as part of the AOSP, most Android versions are custom built for their respective device. Not all of them are the same, however, and while the base AOSP features are part of every build, they’re all unique enough that they’re easy to differentiate.

Let’s take a look at some of the best custom Android ROMs on the market right now.


Widely believed to be the most private and most secure Android ROM available at the moment, GrapheneOS is headed by well-known security researcher Daniel Micay and has become the gold standard in offering the very best mobile security in the world. The ROM comes with a number of improvements, including a hardened Linux kernel and other features that mean it’s safe from almost all exploits.

On top of this, Google’s Play Store is isolated in its own private container, meaning that the tech giant isn’t able to harvest any data from the device in question. The only caveat is that GrapheneOS is exclusive to Google’s range of Pixel devices, with no plans to make it available to any other smartphone brands.


Probably the most popular custom mobile operating system in the world, LineageOS is designed to allow people to bring their old devices back to life with all the latest features, including up-to-date security. LineageOS is offered on a range of devices, some dating back many years, and provides a stock Android experience that comes without all the extra software and other bloat that usually ships with popular Android brands, such as Samsung and Xiaomi. It’s completely free to download and installed, and is maintained by community for the community, and perfect for playing real money bingo online in Australia.


Next up is DivestOS, which aims to provide the same level of compatibility as LineageoS, but with extra privacy and security features that, while not quite rivalling GrapheneOS, do make one’s phone that much safer to use. This includes verified boot, something that’s notably missing from LineageOS, as well as several other software hardening features that are pulled directly from GrapheneOS’s work. The project is currently maintained by a single developer, who is also known for providing a privacy-oriented version of Firefox on Android.


CalyxOS is another custom ROM that’s aimed at Pixel users, and while it’s not quite as secure as GrapheneOS, remains a popular option for those seeking online privacy on their devices. With a few privacy enhancements and the inclusion of MicroG services, CalyxOS is a better choice for those that don’t want the strict isolation protocols and other features of GrapheneOS that might cut back on overall user convenience.