What To Look For In A Smart Android TV

Smart TVs are the standard nowadays, but now it is also possible to get a Smart TV with a built in Android system. Gone are the need for separate Android boxes as the functionality to download apps of your choice is built into the TVs functionality. This also means you can operate your system with one remote – gone are the days of endless searching for that elusive second remote!

Unlike the likes of Apple TV and other streaming boxes, Google’s Android TV system is available on a range of different brands. But as usual, not all Android TVs are created equal, and not all are available everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ones on the market and what to look for when choosing your new Smart Android TV:

Look for Google assistant

Only a few select models of Smart Android TVs have Google Assistant built in. If you opt for one with Google Assistant, you can also use your TV to enquire about the weather, control the lights, speakers, or your calendar, essentially turning your TV into your smart home automation hub. Google Assistant will also allow you to easily play your favourite episodes and movies with simple voice commands, making control of your TV that much easier.

Advice for Gamers

Having an Android TV provides easy access to a range of exciting games but playing these from a remote control isn’t easy. That is why you will want to ensure that your TV offers Bluetooth settings that are compatible with the newest game controllers from Xbox and PlayStation.

Screen quality – OLED vs LED

When it comes to choosing any TV, include an Android TV, you’ll want to take a look at the screen quality. The OLED offering from Sony is pretty impressive when it comes to contrast ratios. The picture quality in OLED screens is by far the best offering on the market, however this level of quality does come at a price. If you can’t afford OLED, a good 4K LED TV is the next best option. Most 4K LED TVs are significantly cheaper than OLED TVs and while the screen quality might not be as good, they do offer all the same features and functionality.

You might have also heard of the term QLED being advertised. This is basically just Samsung’s name for their top end of LED TVs.

Understanding Chromecast

All Android TVs will come with Chromecast built in. This allows you to easily cast videos and photos onto your TV from any other Android device, including your smartphone or tablet, without having to plug an additional device into your TV like you used to have to with the HDMI port. Chromecast mirrors the screen of your device, meaning that whatever you play on your mobile phone, be it YouTube, Netflix, or your own videos will be displayed on your TV screen. Be aware of cheap Chinese TVs that run Android systems, these will not have the same functionality and are unlikely to offer Chromecast.