All About Chrome OS

Chrome OS is the latest operating system by Google for laptops and desktop machines. Standardly built for Chromebooks but based on the free and open-source Linux, meaning you will find it on more than just Chromebooks. Chrome OS has the chance to make an impact on the next wave of computing, if not for the reason most people think.

Why ChromeOS?

ChromeOS is an operating system like Ubuntu, Windows 11 or IOS 15. Built with a very similar user interface to windows to allow for easy learning and even easier use down the line. For sheer use, think of a hybrid between windows and an android tablet. It’s straight forward and easy. In this straightforward and easy nature, many reviewers have criticized the OS, calling it a glorified browser.

While it may be akin to a hyped-up, Google Chrome browser, what many reviewers don’t seem to realize is, that is the very intention of Chrome OS. Chrome OS is light and simple for a reason; it is specifically designed to make the best use of lower hardware machines. This results in what would be underpowered and slow windows laptops being able to run like a dream with the easy to run OS.

Laptops that run Chrome OS need less physical hardware stats to achieve the same real-world performance as any windows or IOS counterpart. In the future, Chrome OS plans to provide native support for Linux applications which could even further the use case this system.

Who Is Chrome OS For?

The biggest criticisms we have seen about Chrome OS are generally from power users, reviewing it from a power user’s standpoint. As a tool for power users to use specialized equipment or software, this OS falls flat.

As a tool for the average person to use text documents, spreadsheets, browse the web and watch videos, chrome OS shines as one of the best in the industry. The light build allows for much longer battery life when compared to windows or mac counterparts with the same size battery when doing this nature of office work, and the limited use case leads to an easier and cleaner user experience for those who do the office work that Chrome OS excels at.

Schools have started to roll out the use of Chrome OS powered laptops as it is easier to restrict use, cheaper to purchase and can perform basically every task that a student may need to do.

Who Is Chrome OS Not For?

If you do anything other than text-based word documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Chrome OS may fall short of your expectations. Fortunately, there is an easy way to test if this OS will be right for your work.

With a Google account, you will have access to Google services such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. If you can do all of your daily work within the bounds of these applications, a Chrome OS machine stands to positively influence your work experience and future equipment pricing.