Types of Hacking

Unethical hacking is illegal, and is an action that is used by people to retrieve information by making modifications to the features of a system, and finding and using loopholes.

Because everything happens online these days the majority of hacking happens online and hackers have many more opportunities to get access to personal information as well as sensitive data like banking details. Hackers do this in various ways.


Keylogger or keyboard capturing is software that keeps track of keyboard strokes and records them on a file on the computer.

These files may contain sensitive information such as passwords.  Keyloggers can be either software that will target the programmes that are installed on a computer, while hardware keyloggers will target things like keyboards or smartphone sensors.

Denial of Service

Denial of Service is a technique that is used to dismantle a server by flooding a site with loads of traffic until the server becomes overloaded and is not able to process the data and it crashes.

Hackers do this by flooding their target with loads of requests that overwhelms the resources and the real requests can not be completed. Hackers can either deploy botnets or zombie computers that will flood the system.

Watering Hole

Watering hole is a hacking strategy and the victim of this type of hack is usually a group such as a region or organisation.  The hacker will either guess or observe which websites the group uses often and then infects it with malware.

The aim of this hack is that some of the members of the group will become infected and hackers looking for particular information will target users from a specific IP address, which makes it hard to detect this kind of hack.

Fake WAP

A fake wireless access point (WAP) will connect to the real public place and once connected the hacker will be able to access data.  This is one of the easier hacks and all that is needed is simple software and a wireless network.

The hacker will use official sounding names for their fake WAP and will use things like “Heathrow Airport Wi-Fi” and then began accessing and spying on personal information.  To be safe from this kind of hack it is best to have a good quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and only use reputable, trusted sites at which to play online Blackjack offers.


Phishing has become very prevalent over the last few years and with this hack the hacker will replicate the frequently accessed sites and then try to trap the person being targeted by sending them a link to the site that looks very similar to the real one.

It is one of the most frequently used attacks and when the victim clicks on the link and enters data the hacker is able to get the information using a trojan which is on the fake site.

Hacking has become a prominent way for hackers to gain access to people’s data and especially banking information that can be devastating if this information falls into the wrong hands. It is important to take precautions when working online.